Portable, versatile, durable and lightweight.
Easy Grill
portable grill!

“Easy Grill” is a portable charcoal grill – made of stainless steel in the EU!



Grill size: 20 x 30 cm.

Total size: 30 x 33 x 23 cm.

Plate thickness: 1.5 mm.

Material: 100% Stainless steel

Weight: 2.8 kg.

Bag: made of high quality waterproof fabric with PVC coating – 1900D, branded with high quality transfer printing


1 piece. – Portable grill frame

1 piece. – Grill plate

2 pcs. – Stainless steel skewers

1 piece. – Storage and carrying bag

1 piece. – Assembly instructions

Grease and wipe / dry after each use!

Delivery to the EU from 4 to 7 working days.

Why Easy Grill?

Because it’s easy!

The innovative design of our mobile grill makes it easy to assemble and use, even from the smallest. Just take the parts out of the storage and carrying bag and in 1-2 minutes your grill grill is ready to use!

Customer reviews:

I ordered Easy Grill to use it when I`m traveling and camping. The size is great and takes up almost no space. The design is simple, lightweight and ultra-compact. Easy assembly. I recommend it!. Continue with the great job! "
Adam Thomas
Waco, Texas
"Easy Grill is extremely versatile, light and easy to carry out anywhere. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs it. You won`t be disappointed! The amount of pellets / briquettes it holds is impressive for how much food can be prepared."
Becca Coe
Town of Ashby, Mass.
"A few days ago I used my Easy Grill for the first time. My friend and I were in the mountain. We baked steaks, vegetables and toast. We had no charcoal so we used wood kindling. The heat generated was perfect and the food was baked perfectly. I love it. The size of the bag ,gril`s size and the performance exceeded my expectations. At first it seemed quite expensive, but this grill definitely exceeded my expectations and is worth every penny. Thanks Easy Grill! "
Amanda Miller
Lake city , Colorado
"When my husband gifted me Easy Grill, I was quite skeptical. Mountains are my passion and have been looking for a product that meets all my needs.I don't have to use disposable barbecues every time so I've used it 11 times and definitely I am fascinated by how easily I prepare all kinds of food - meat, fish, vegetables, grilled cheese, etc. Thanks to my husband for the wonderful gift and to the Easy Grill team for the great product! "
Cassidy Whelan
Alpine town, Arizona
"Great grill quality! Fast service and professionalism!"
Robert Cooksey
Colonial Heights, Virginia