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Made in the EU
100% European Quality!
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With a picnic and BBQ out in nature!
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The innovative design makes it easy to assemble and usage
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Cook Simple and Tasty out in Nature
Easy-grill is designed for outdoor cooking.
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Cook quickly and easily out in nature

Easy Grill is a portable charcoal grill



To add more freedom of cooking, we added 2 pcs to the set. stainless steel skewers.



The grill plate is with adjustable height and the steaks can be easily controlled throughout the all cooking process.


Warm Sandwiches

The bread is baked quickly and easily.



The grill is suitable for both fish and seafood.



Fresh vegetables on barbecue, Fresh vegetables on the barbecue, whether out in nature or at home yard.

Suitable for every situation!

Hiking and Trekking

Our innovative design makes the grill extremely easy and comfortable to carry - only 2.8 kg.

Outdoor camps

We know how important it is to spent Your time outdoor with family and friends.


Suitable even for the most adventurous lovers of camping and trekking.

Made in European Union
100% Bulgarian quality

Every part of our grills is made in European Union /EU/ , from laser-cut metal components till the storage bag.

We package and delivery our product from Bulgaria to all Europe! Every part is checked by our special quality control team to make sure that we will send a product that meets Your high quiality standards.

The Easy-grill grill is designed for outdoor cooking. With adjustable grill height, the heat can be easily controlled throughout the cooking process.

We know how important it is to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

Easy-Grill was created from friends for friends.

Whether you are camping, walking out in nature or just at the home yard , Easy-Grill will satisfy all your needs and turn the time spent with loved ones into a great experience.

Easy-Grill is the perfect gift as for all lovers of outdoor experiences, as for those of you who like to gather in the yard with friends.


Why Easy Grill?

Not just a Grill

This innovative product gives you the opportunity to enjoy easy and high-quality barbecue as well and to juicy kebab due to the skewers included in the set.

Fast and easy

The innovative design makes it easy to assemble and usage even from the smallest. Just take out the parts from the storage bag and after 1-2 minutes your grill is ready to use!

Strong and Light

High quality stainless steel is literally eternal. Grill`s weight and dimensions are precisely calculated- light and compact enough to carry. The special storage bag is waterproof, very comfortable and easy to clean.


All components are kept in a special storage bag and transportation with dimmensions 30 x 30 cm. Fully disassembled. The pack becomes flat and easy to store in small spaces.

About us

We are two friends who love camping, trekking, traveling out in nature, we are lovers of quality and freshly prepared food as well.

We are aware of the importance of the shared experience and the need for a product that facilitates all this and allows us to fully enjoy the experience.

We created Easy-Grill for personal usage. After using it for several months out in nature, at the home yard, gatherings with friends, we have decided to share it with more people.

Easy-Grill was created from FRIENDS for FRIENDS. We share our journey with you – share it too!

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Address: Sliven, Bulgaria